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Five Tenets of Taekwondo
Courtesy · Intergrity · Perseverance ·  Self Control ·  Indomitable Spirit

Welcome to the official home page of Hurricane Tigers Taekwondo & Hapkido. Hurricane Tiger was established in 2000 by Master Elliot Rodriguez. Our first class facility is fully matted with 2" thick mats and is air conditioned. We hold over 20 classes per week and have serveral instructors on staff. Our school is known for the high quality instruction. We provide comprehensive training programs in Taekwondo and Hapkido for all ages and skill levels including competition level training.


 Taekwondo is an ancient martial art that has evolved into a full medal Olympic sport in the year 2000. TAEKWONDO means : "The art of kicking and punching" or The art of unarmed combat ". The sport has been founded in Korea and is one of the most popular modern martial arts today.

Taekwondo is not only a great self defense tool but also delovelops greater confidence, leadership,     self esteem  and improves ability to focus. Another  benefit of taekwondo is physical factor. It provides muscle tone development, cardiovascular fitness, power and endurance. All classes focus on individual development as well as the martial arts.




HAPKIDO is a complete self-defense system; it incorporates the redirection of force found in Aikido. The devastating joint locks and throws found in Aikijutsu. Judo techniques that include various chokes, sweeps, joint locks, and other grappling techniques. The kicking technique of Tae Kwon Do and the ancient Korean Art of Taekyon. The punching and blocking of karate. Hap Ki Do also incorporates both "hard" and "soft" techniques as found in many Chinese Kung Fu systems.

To fully understand the true meaning of Hap Ki Do, we must understand what each word means. Hap means harmony, unity, coordination, together, or concentrated. Ki means energy, inner power or cosmic force. Do means art, way of, achieve, or execute. Literally translated, Hap Ki Do means "The Art of Coordinated Power".


21924 23 MILE RD MACOMB MI 48042         586-948-3505

Serving : Macomb MI,  Shelby twp. MI. Washington twp. MI Clinton twp. MI Warren, MI Utica,  MI Sterling Heights, MI  and New Baltimore, Michigan....

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